Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A Social Security Debate

I had the pleasure of squaring off in a debate with Government Professor Jeff Smith last evening at the Rockefeller Center. Read about it in The Dartmouth. See also this live blogging by Jon Shea and the promotional materials prepared by Joe Malchow.

Thanks very much to the Young Democrats and the College Republicans for sponsoring the event and for asking thoughtful questions of the two participants.

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PGL said...

I hope the Dartmouth Online was not being fair to your comments. The Bush plan is not far from perfect - it is horrific. And we Democrats have put forth ideas to address the real issues. OK, Nancy Pelosi has not laid out a detailed plan, but why should she given how the GOP leadership vacilates between shut us out and the old bait-and-switch.

Andrew said...

The D quoted me accurately. It is my understanding that the Bush plan restores solvency in the long-term, regardless of what the takeup rate is on the personal account option. It does so in a way that spreads benefit reductions (relative to current law) over more cohorts than would likely be the case if we waited to reform the system. I don't find that to be horrific.