Monday, September 12, 2005

Vandalism (sic) in Gaza

In an article with the title, "Exuberant Palestinians Rush to Gaza as Last Israelis Depart: Some Jewish Synagogues Vandalized In a Day Mostly Free of Violence," The Washington Post provides an account of what occurred to synogagues in Gaza today, after the last Israelis left:

In some of the former settlements, Palestinians scuffled occasionally amid the rubble, prompting police to intervene with batons and warning shots. But the day was largely free of violence, although the former synagogue buildings that the Israeli government decided to leave intact were vandalized with hands and hammers. At least four of the roughly two dozen were set ablaze early in the day.

Take a look, via Powerline, at what happened. To suggest that a picture is worth only a thousand words fails to consider how empty those words can sometimes be.


Anonymous said...

every year a group of rightwing Israelis march up to the most sacred Mosque in Jerusalem with a foundation stone. They're turned back of course. But the point is, if roles were reversed - would there be three or four examples of Mosques being vandalized in Gaza?

Of course.

Andrew Samwick said...

Perhaps, but that is not the point of the post. Do you believe that what is shown in the picture is adequately reflected in the language used in the Washington Post story?

In your scenario, do you believe that you would see, if the roles were reversed, gunmen atop a burning mosque, rather than more plainly described "vandalism?"

Anonymous said...

"willful or malicious destruction or defacement of public or private property"

but your point is well taken Andrew - 6am was clearly too early for me to be picking fights.

Arun Khanna said...

This may be politically incorrect but I think it is an accurate description. The average Palestinian is a schmuck. Just like the average person in the ex-communist bloc was petty. Different societal norms lead to different human behaviors.

Anonymous said...

How does this "vandalism" compare, one wonders, with that of the IDF armored Caterpillar bulldozers that made more than 13,000 Palestinians homeless in the Gaza Strip in 2004?

David said...

One wonders (admittedly w/out having read the article) why the Isrealis decided to raze all of the settlement w/ the exception of the synagogues. Schmuckyness goes both ways.

and to imply that this behavior is a consequence of palestinian "societal norms" is simply absurd.

Anonymous said...


1) Proper disposal of something that something has questionably been authorized for disposal is different from

2) Improper disposal of something poperly authorized for transition and remove.

Anonymous said...

point one should readL

1) Proper disposal of something that has been questionably authorized for disposal

Arun Khanna said...

David wrote in reponse to my comment: To imply that this behavior is a consequence of palestinian "societal norms" is simply absurd.
Are sociology, anthropology and ethnology simply made up words? Whose societal norms are Palestinians exhibiting if not of their own society?