Monday, March 24, 2008

Moving to Capital Gains and Games

After several years of blogging on my own at Vox Baby, I am joining Stan Collender and Pete Davis over at the newly redesigned Capital Gains and Games blog. Stan and Pete are two of the sharpest people writing about fiscal policy and financial matters, and so you should expect triple the fun at half the price.

The new feed is, so set your bookmarks and feed readers accordingly.

Vox Baby will remain intact, so there's no need to change any links.

See you over at Capital Gains and Games.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the heads up

"How big a windfall was this for JP Morgan Chase?"

What if the liabilities are more than the assets at Bear?

Anonymous said...

the link you gave is to a partial feed :(

Andrew Samwick said...

I've checked, and I think the feed has been changed to the full one. Let me know if it isn't.



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nick said...

See you there.

Flirt said...

See you there