Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Senator Obama Lays Out His Tax Policy Ideas

This afternoon, the Tax Policy Center, a joint venture of the Brookings Institution and the Urban Institute, hosted Senator Barack Obama for a speech on "the economy, opportunity, and tax policy." You can view the webcast here, read the transcript here, and read some news coverage here.

There are a lot of good ideas in the speech. Were this 30 years ago, both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party would be eager to provide a rebuttal.



Francisco said...

I love the idea of pre-filled tax returns. Spain started doing it three or four years ago, and it has worked really well for low- and middle-income families, who have simple tax returns. Is Goolsbee behind this idea?

I'm not sure how Senator Obama is going to compensate all those tax cuts. I didn't find any proposal to raise anybody's taxes in his speech.

Thanks for providing the link.

Francisco said...

For the sake of balance, here's a criticism of Senator Obama's tax plans: