Saturday, July 21, 2007

Money Magazine Best Places to Live

Reasonable conclusion, wrong methodology.

Particularly bad, if the analysis in the latter is correct, is that the picture shown in the former lies outside of the area used in the rankings.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness that there are so few places in California in that list. I appreciated that most were in Southern California. The place is quite full thank you and I for one don't look forward to continuing the increases I've seen in my lifetime.
I have been in some of the places on that list and you can have them all to your selves.
I have a fondness for Palo Alto and a lot of other places in Northern California, but the price of housing is insane.
I noticed that places where the money is are right next door.

Ken Houghton said...

With all of the cities from Ohio, one would think it was a thriving state.