Friday, June 01, 2007

Hitting the Links

Interesting study, plausible results, but how did they randomize the concussions?

The harmful consequences of preaching "energy independence" are now evident as corporate welfare for coal miners becomes the latest bipartisan Capitol Hill porkfest. A note to all of you coal producers: if you really think liquefied coal is the future of energy, then mine it, clean it, liquefy it, and sell it to me at the highest possible price you think I'll pay for it. You are entitled to that, not subsidies and guarantees from your clients in Congress.

Being a headmaster doesn't have to be this difficult. It is almost never a sensible move to suppress the writing in the student newspaper, but you are well within your authority to not renew the contract of an instructor who derides your institution in his novel.

Laugh or cry, it's your call.

This is one of the most fascinating videos I've seen in a while. Those lions need a refresher course, no?


Anonymous said...

Terror-Free Oil Initiative: First Step to Energy Independence

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Angie Kim said...

In talking about energy independence, I shudder to think about what the situation will be when its the turn of the century, and what the future holds for the babies of today and their children by then. Liquified coal? What are the industrial pollution effects as compared to the costs of producing it?