Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Peter Orszag To Be CBO Director

The AP reports that Peter Orszag will be nominated to become the next Director of the Congressional Budget Office. Here is the press release from the Senate Budget Committee. This is an exceptionally good appointment, and Peter is to be commended for being willing to serve. From time to time, I've commented on his Social Security reform plan, co-authored with Peter Diamond.

In addition to the many compliments given to Peter in the press release and the AP story, I would add from my own interactions with him that he is meticulous in his work and in his evaluation of research. This will serve him (and the rest of us) well in his new job. Looking ahead, I will be very curious to see how he addresses the budgetary issues of dynamic scoring and old-age entitlement programs.

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alphie said...

Looks like the Democrat's decision to allow Bush and his cronies to hang themselves with their Social Security "reform" plan paid off.

They probably could have gotten something if they'd simply dropped the corporate welfare for Wall Street...but they couldn't for some reason.