Monday, October 16, 2006

Those Aren't Books in There

When President Eisenhower received his honorary degree in 1953, he described Dartmouth as "What a College Should Look Like." That description is even more fitting today, in every way. Take a look at the Homecoming bonfire from Friday evening, as shown in The Dartmouth:

Would that the football team could improve just a bit more to win the game the next day. The post's title is a reference to the famous statement Eisenhower made to the students that day. Read the context here.


Anonymous said...

Fortunately for Dartmouth the Joseph McCarthy-loving Ann Coulter attended Cornell.

Anonymous said...

Could someone please tell me what
Ann Coulter has to do with today's
blog. The blog was simply on point
of a great tradition at Dartmouth and I am sure the author was not looking for people to make it a political platform. Cornell of course has many famous alumni who have contributed to our nations welfare.

Anonymous said...

Read the link to context.

I have wondered whether Ike was too subtle in dealing with McCarthy. Apparently Ann Coulter did not get the message.

Anonymous said...

You really got to wonder what Ann Coulter was thinking. She really needs to shut up. I saw her running her mouth over at moneygrabber
last week as well

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