Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sarah Priga on Men Not Working

The following comment was left on the original post on Men Not Working. It speaks for itself.

Sarah Priga said...

I am appalled by the lack of work ethic that is represented in this article. I am Mr. Priga’s oldest daughter and would like to say that "choosing" not to work and then glamorizing it in an article is reprehensible. His statements are untruthful – he was not left with custody of his 3 children from a divorce in 1996, and his disdain for work that was beneath him left myself, his parents (my grandparents) and my mother to care for and provide for my brother and my sister (by 1996 I was in college, living on my own AND WORKING). He did not have to quit working to care for my brother and it was not until recently that my sister (she was 22) moved back in with him because she also feels she does not “need” to work. The financial and emotional impact of growing up living with someone who does not fulfill even the most basic responsibilities is extensive and greatly impacted myself, my grandparents, my mom and the rest of the family. How can a person continually borrow money and neglect financial obligations while he waits for his “home run”. To hit a home run you have to step up to the plate. I am grateful that I had positive examples that showed me to get where you want in life and be a positive influence in society you have to work hard. I am deeply saddened to see this misreported information in a major news outlet.

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