Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Catching up

World Cup celebrations, done wrong. I guess one game doesn't change quite everything.

Huge infrastructure projects, done very wrong. Get Ted Williams's name off that tunnel--it makes no sense to honor the greatest hitter who ever lived with this big strikeout of a money pit.

Budget spin, done wrong. If there is no recession in the forecast, then why isn't the on-budget account in surplus? If not with robust economic growth, then when will the debt be repaid?

Fish, done right. I got a behind-the-scenes tour of this remarkable place.


Arun Khanna said...

Group identity in any setting can go wrong (whether) in a soccer game, a corporation or a school. It all depends on the head honcho and the enforcers of the group identity. Successive loyalty tests lead to the worst getting the awards and the best leaving or standing aside.

On a different note, the big dig projects need to be privatized.

Fish is good, if done right.

Anonymous said...

Tiny nit: the death and falling tunnel ceiling was in the connector leading *to* the Ted Williams tunnel, not the Ted Williams tunnel itself.

And as hideous a money pit as it's been, it's a vast improvement (no comment as to whether it's worth what it cost) over the horrendous means of getting to and from the airport which preceeded it.