Monday, April 17, 2006

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I recorded a podcast with James Reese of, which is now available online. Here's the teaser:

SUNDAY, APRIL 16, 2006: In this interview with James Reese, Dr. Andrew Samwick gives an overview of the Social Security System. Topics covered include: What Social Security is and what is currently wrong with it & why it needs to be fixed. The Social Security Trust Fund. What are the most important things to resolve in order to “fix” Social Security? What is the "Nonpartisan Social Security Reform Plan?" How does this compromised reform package differ from what would be your own ideal Social Security reform package? Do you think this plan will be able to pass politically. Can you explain the impact of illegal immigrants on Social Security?

Enjoy! (Click here for the archive.)


Anonymous said...

I was looking forward to hearing this podcast, but was disappointed to find out that you were charging for it.

Nothing wrong with that, I suppose, but you're cutting down on your potential audience.

Students for Saving Social Security

Andrew Samwick said...

My apologies--the link has now been fixed. It is:|2&t=5242



Anonymous said...

thanks for participating in such a wonderful podcast. i listen to radio economics every week and find it extremely informative and eye-opening.

for example, i was shocked to hear that the balance on the social security trust fund is (basically, as i understand it) the value of money *already* spent out of that fund on non-social-security related benefits and such. it's like a loan from the taxpayers that the government promises to pay back later, by any means necessary. or, as you pointed out, kind of like a bond.

anyway, i'm wandering now but thanks again.