Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Day Reagan Was Shot

Via Steven Taylor of Poliblog, we are reminded that it was 24 years ago today that an assassination attempt was made on President Reagan's life. I was in the sixth grade, and I heard the news on the car radio. I was being driven back from an academic competition of some sort.

When I got home, I watched television to get updates on how the President was doing. I remember two images more vividly than the rest. The first was the sight of a fallen James Brady on the sidewalk. I didn't grow up around violence, and that looked violent. I'm glad that many good things have been inspired by his misfortune that day. The second was Frank Reynolds (the ABC News anchor) welling up with tears several times throughout the broadcast. Reynolds' passing a few years later was a real blow for the profession. I thought it was fitting that he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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Eagle1 said...

I was alive for the President John Kennedy assassination and the Robert Kennedy assassination and the Martin Luther King assassination. The attack on President Reagan hit just as hard -maybe even harder- after those experiences.

I recall that I was in a clerk of court's office, doing some title work while clerking for a law firm when the word came in. It was a very low moment and I remember my anger that the wouild-be assassin found it so easy to almost make a change in our government.

Mr. Reagan's grace and wit following the shooting were awe-inspiring and helped in the healing process.