Thursday, January 06, 2005

Airport Blogging

I'm getting my first experience with airport blogging this evening. I've been sitting through delays and cancellations (on Southwest no less) for almost 5 hours, with another one to go. To add insult to injury, there was an earlier flight I could have taken on US Air. Talk about bad kharma--what goes around comes around, I suppose. Looking on the bright side, it could be worse, and the wireless connection is pretty sound. Focusing on work can almost completely drown out the mindless cell phone conversations going on around me.

UPDATE: 09:17 p.m. Another hour delay, again due to Philadelphia's air traffic control system. At least the nice people from Southwest are giving us snacks and drinks while we wait. Hard to imagine I could have driven to Philly by now.

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Anonymous said...

Assuming you're either in the Northeast today or trying to get here, it's no surprise given the weather, no matter what airline you're flying. The first time I flew Southwest was on a day several years ago when the entire Northeast was snowed and iced in. I had been booked on a morning flight on US Air, but their planes were all stuck on the ground in their hubs and all flights were canceled. Southwest had planes on the ground in Manchester, one of them happened to be going where I needed to be, and they had seats available. After overhearing another US Air passenger say that Southwest had seats, I sent my wife over to book tickets while I waited in a huge line at the US Air counter to get a refund. We needed to sit through three de-icings before we could take off, but they got us there. I've been flying them whenever possible ever since.