Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Vox Baby at Econoblog

John Irons and I are featured in the latest Econoblog at The Wall Street Journal, "The Economic Crystal Ball: Cloudy, or Clearing?" The teaser:

When clocks around the world tick over to midnight early Saturday morning, economists will reset their mental clocks and pull out a fresh sheet of graph paper, ready to tackle new challenges, and the old ones, afresh.

But what does the year bring? Oil prices, foreign exchange rates, the jobs market and the government's budget deficit are only a few of the question marks dotting the economic calendar.

By way of answering some of these questions, has asked economist bloggers John Irons and Andrew Samwick to look into the crystal ball and discuss their expectations for 2005. You can add your own thoughts on the 2005 economy on our discussion board.
Here's the current link and a permanent link.

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