Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Maybe His Daddy Moved to Queens

This week, my fellow Red Sox fans and I learned that Pedro Martinez opted for a $53 million contract over four years with the Mets rather than the best offer the Red Sox could muster ($40.5 million over three years). Best of luck to a heck of a pitcher. And the Boston sportswriters should stop whining about it. It's a business, and if you can trade Nomar for your own reasons, then you can't complain when Pedro leaves for a bigger paycheck. Meanwhile the Mets continue their efforts to become the best team in baseball--in January rather than October.

I'll still be cheering for the Red Sox next year, now with Edgar Renteria playing shortstop, though I don't hold out any hope that they can get back to the World Series without filling this hole in their pitching rotation. I guess there will be plenty of time to watch Faith Rewarded next October.

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