Thursday, September 30, 2004

It's Vox Baby

This blog will focus on current events, mainly related to public policy. I will publish frequently but irregularly as I start out. Welcome.

For my first post, I would like to acknowledge three other blogs that have been particularly inspiring for the year or so that I have been starting my day by reading blogs:

There are many great blogs out there, but these three give me the mental stimulation to start my day.


Anonymous said...

Any chance you will offer an RSS feed? I'm not all that familiar with your provider but an RSS feed would be great.

Gen Kanai said...

To the person who was looking for an RSS feed, all blogspot blogs support rss just by adding atom.xml to the top-level URL of each individual blog.

So, in this case, Prof. Samwick's blog's RSS feed is here:

Prof. Samwick, we look forward to your new blog. Good luck!

Gen Kanai D'95

Andrew Samwick said...

Thanks for the suggestions. The Site Feed is now available in the sidebar as directed.

Anonymous said...

This blog doesn't render properly on Firefox for some reason. I'm not enough of a web guru to know what's wrong, but I do know that every other blog I've viewed on Blogger has displayed fine.